Designer Radiators

Are you looking for designer radiators? Most homes are already fitted with traditional white radiators in every room but with interior design on the up and people deciding to make the most and try and improve the value of their own home you could add some serious appeal with designer radiators.

It’s quite easy to neglect the radiators when redecorating but removing a radiator isn’t a very hard job as long as you feel confident and so replacing a radiator is something you could do over a weekend. We’ve picked out our favourite radiators to give you some design inspiration and best of all this selection of radiators are all available from Wickes so when you’re doing your DIY shopping go and have a look.

Stratus Vertical Designer Radiator

Stratus Designer Radiator

This minimalist radiator is great for when space is at a premium and its round tubular design means you don’t need to sacrifice the heat output. This vertical radiator comes in a variety of sizes and is available from Wickes so you can go and see this in store and see if it’s for you.

Grace Designer Radiator

Grace Classic Radiator

If you have a period property then it may be worth going for a more classical design and what could be better than these cast iron style radiators?

Quinn Feature Horizontal Radiator


This horizontal designer radiator is as much as feature in your home as it is a great heat provider.Great for those who want some style but still want great efficiency.

Sphere Vertical Designer Radiator

Modern Sphere Radiator

This is a contemporary black panel styled radiator which may not suit all interiors but if you’re looking for a modern look then this could be the perfect accessory for your newly redecorated room.

Quinn Multicolumn Designer Radiator

quinn multi column

The Multicolumn is a traditional style radiator which complements both contemporary and traditional décor within your home.

Passion Vertical Designer Radiator

Passion Eco Radiator

You don’t have to sacrifice economy for the sake of design and this eco friendly radiator manufactured in aluminium requires 80% less water and delivers 15% higher heat output than a comparable product of the same size.

Ximax Vertirad Designer Radiator

Zone Radiator

This slimline design creates a wall of heat and comes in a variety of colours to suit any colour palette.

Are they expensive?

This selections are slightly more expensive that a traditional radiator but your only looking at a slight increase and you may be surprised at how cheap they actually are but obviously if you want to spend big then you can do that as well.