Free ways to save energy

Increases in gas prices have been announced by the big six energy giants in the UK and it seems that they’ve times it perfectly with the arrival of the cold weather and you can expect them to keep rising! With that in mind it’s important that you do all you can to be more efficient and hopefully shave a few pounds off your  bills.

It’s not always possible to simply upgrade to an A-rated boiler or install new double glazing but there are some free or low cost ways to save money in the home.

Free the radiators

The way that radiators work is that they rotate heat around the room with the cold air being heated, the hot air rising and thereby rotating colder air back toward the radiator. If you’ve got something blocking the radiator like a sofa or a bed, or even towels on hanging on the bathroom radiator then your stopping the warmth moving around the road. By simply moving these obstacles your rooms will heat much faster.

Use your curtains

Even if you’ve got double glazed windows you will be losing heat through them so closing curtains will keep the heat from escaping. It’s important to have your curtains open during the day though to let in the sun’s light and warmth, but as soon as the sun goes away and it gets dark then pull them shut.

Save EnergyMake sure your freezer is full

It may sound odd, but the empty space in your freezer takes more energy to keep cold than the actual contents, so make sure you’re stocked up. If you haven’t done a big shop, or frozen your leftovers then you can stuff the spaces with newspaper and your freezer will run more efficiently.

Cover your chimney

Your chimney is just a bog old hole to the outside so you should consider covering it up with a screen, or if you never use it you should consider blocking it with something like a chimney balloon which costs less than £20 and stops warmth escaping.

Don’t heat unused rooms

Make sure you use your thermostatic valves on the radiators in all your rooms and turn off the ones in rooms that you never use. What’s the point in heating an empty room?

Make sure your central heating is working effectively

If your radiators have sludge in them then they won’t heat up properly and your central heating will have to work harder to produce the heat your want to keep warm. Consider getting them flushed professionally or you could even do it yourself.

Change your mindset

The best was to save energy is to think a little bit more about what you’re doing so that you always turn the lights off, don’t put too much water in the kettle, or making sure you shut the door behind you. All these little things add up and could save you money in the long run.