How to bleed a radiator

if you have sludge in your radiators then you’ll find the tops are your radiators still get hot but the bottoms are cold, but if you have air in your system then you’ll find it’s the opposite way around and the top of your radiator is cold instead. If this is the case then it can be remedied very simply by bleeding the offending radiator to remove the air.

Here’s our step by step guide to bleeding a radiator. It’s such a simple job but can really improve the warmth in your house.

1. Turn off your central heating system.

It’s important to do this as it’ll first stop more air entering the system and also means that there’s no chance of getting hot water on yourself is more that air comes out.

2. Find the bleed valve

This is found on one side of the radiator and looks like a square

3. Protect the area

You’re more than likely to get a little water escape and the water in radiators can get a little dirty so if you’ve got carpet then it may be worth putting a cloth down to protect it.

4. radiator-key-in-bleed-valveBleed the radiator

You’ll need a bleed key for this but you can buy these very cheaply from most hardware or DIY stores. Insert the key into the bleed valve and turn it anti-clockwise which will start releasing the air. As soon as any water comes out the turn the key clockwise and close the valve. That’s. It job done.