Power Flush Deals

So the cold weather looks to have finally hit with snow falling in the West of England today and even down in the South East I’ve had to have the heating on all day but it’s not too late to get your heating sorted and get your system flushed. This is especially timely now that five of the ‘Big Six’ energy providers have announced price hikes, with EDF announcing a 10.8% price rise to come in on 7th december. Typical eh?

Having an inneficiant central heating system automatically means your house isn’t as warm as it could be and also means you are using more energy than you need to and so you’re also getting higher bills which means spending a little now on a power flush will means larger savings in the future.

Over time sludge can build up in your radiators and by removing this sludge your radiators will be more effective and efficient, raising the temperature in your home whilst lowering your energy bills! The sludge deposits are the result of corrosion taking place within radiators and other metallic components and gradually build up inside your system.

Power Flush Deals

Getting your system professionally flushed will typically cost around £200-£250 but there are always deals to be had and here’s one we stumbled on today.

DealMonster.co.uk are offering a full system flush from Gas Safe Registered plumbing and heating engineers APS Yorkshire for only £49 which is a saving of almost £200 on their usual price. This also includes a full boiler service too!

Sadly this deal is only available for those around the Sheffield area but it shows that there are deals to be had a maybe a bit of Googling will bring up some offers in your local area?

A quick Google for ‘power flush offer’ has brought up a result from the popular discount offer websire Groupon with an offer for those near Hull which is £119 for a power flush for up to eight radiators. Not as good as the first offer but still cheaper than usual and again shows that you don’t always have to settle on the first price you see.

We all like a bargain so spend five minutes looking around for the best deals and get to enjoy a nice warm house this Christmas!