Shut those doors and keep the heat in

Did you know that hot air rises? Of course you do, and this is why it’s so important to keep your doors closed in your home if you want your radiators to work properly and do their job. Your radiators in your home work by heating the air around them and this means that when heating your room will will always fill up from the top down with warm air. If you’ve got doors open then you are never going to really be able to heat a whole room up as the hot air will always be escaping and cold air will always be coming into the room. Shit those doors and have a nice toasty room this winter.

It does sound simple right, but it’s amazing how many people leave the doors open in their house and wonder why their heating doesn’t seem to be doing its job! Of course there are other factors to consider including sludge in your radiators or maybe your boiler needs servicing but quite often it’s just not understanding how radiator heating works.

Other things to check are that your windows are sealed properly and not letting any draughts in. If you door doesn’t fit very well then maybe you could get a draught excluder?

Radiator ReflectorOf course not all the heat from your radiators go into heating the air and quite a lot will go into heating the wall the radiator is fixed to which does seem like quite a waste but this can be easily solved by getting reflector panels to slip behind the radiators which can reflect back up to 95% of the energy that would normally just go into your wall. These are pretty cheap, easy to fix, and will pay for themselves in a year on the energy saved and the satisfaction of keeping bills down and also lowering your carbon footprint.

Hopefully these few tips will keep your rooms warmer without costing the earth.